Lou Pinella So Far

What grade would fellow Cub fans give manager Lou Pinella after six weeks into the season?   I think fundemetally Lou is a sound baseball man.   I like the way he mixes up the line up to try to find the right combination for particular situations.  Are the Cubs showcasing certain players for posiible trades for shoring up the bullpen or are they searching for the best combination of talent, desire and attitude to put on the field?  I want to believe the latter but feel we are showcasing our talent to other teams in need of a bat.



  1. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    Welcome to the MLBLogosphere! We’ll add you to the Rookies list on mlblogs.com and looking forward to your posts. You can find other Cubs bloggers by searching by team template from the mlblogs.com homepage. Have fun!



  2. Blaine

    Big Z…..ZZZZZZZZ!

    What’s with Carlos? Hey man he is sleeping through what could be a big season for the team. Needs to get the gray matter in order. I don’t think it is physical problem just mental. As the old cliche goes, the game is 90% mental and 10% physical. Little things will add up and choke you. Carlos needs to humble himself and do some self reflection and get to work.

  3. J

    What concerns me about the team so far is Lou is a sound baseball man, but this team lacks a lot of fundamentals, which have led to losses. It appears they are really good or really bad.

    I think Lou can turn it around though.

    Z is a concern, and I’m wondering if there’s an injury he’s not saying anything about.


  4. rdwhite@cablelynx.com

    I really like Lou Pinella, even liked him as a Yankee, even though I’m from Brooklyn. Trouble is, I liked Dusty too. The trouble is with Jim Hendry…I don’t care for him. I think keeping Hendry and firing Dusty was unconscienable. They both should have gone, or neither. We have let too many good ballplayers go in the past several years, and I think we’re suffering for it.

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