Dempster Knows

Ryan Dempster knows the blown save opportunity last night will end his tenure as the so-called Cub closer.  Unless, you define closer as the respondsible party for closing out another mark in the lost colum. 

Ted Lilly knew what he was doing.  Ryan Dempster did not.  Why did Dempster fall off the mound?  Predicated excuse for the wild pitch? 

Mom always said if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.



What do the Cubs need to Win?

Hey, Cub fans I need your opinions.  What do we need as a team to turn this season into a winning campaign?  I know the bullpen is just awful.  Can something, anything be done?  Jim Hedry are you planning on working any magic?  Same old Same old. 

Time to be a Brewer Fan

What happened today against the Mets is unforgivable.  I know we are all human but Ryan Dempster (Dumpster) and Scott Eyre really yanked my chain today.   Man to come back from a lackluster game of 8-1 yeasterday and have Angel Guzman try to get his first major league win yet soil ourselves like we did is just awful.  I can bet the mind set in the clubhouse is one of dismay and discouragement.   Proves the point that it doesn’t matter how much money the Cubs spend, they will find a way to lose.   Ouch!  That’s going to leave a mark.

I now am considering becoming a Brewers fan.

Is winning everything in MLB?

Are our boys of summer motivated to seek out ways to win?  Do the players feel the guttural urge to win?  Can the excessive money spent on talent produce the results the owners want?  Why do we as fans support the current structure of the compensation system?  Thoughts anyone?


Injuries.  I too am wondering if Carlos Zambrano is experiencing mental breakdown or physical problems that remain hidden from the media and fans.  What gives?   I have to admit, the Cubs seem to have ruined or let several pitching prospects slip out of the show by mismanaging their sore arms.  Not mentioning any names but coaching has much to do with reading a players physical state as well as their mental state.  Then the management of the team comes into play with all of the pieces available injured or not.  I have been suspect to mis management or poor management the last few seasons.  What’s next for my favorite player Carlos Zambrano. 

Did it again!

Yes we have done it again.  Wasted an opportunity to chalk up a W against an inferiro opponent.  Payroll says they are inferior but on the field Pittsburgh looks to be all our equal if not more.  Lou P has got to start making some noise or the Brew Crew will have the division by the All Star break.  It is never early in Cub kingdom.   Am I wrong?